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Welcome to Camp Forrest


 This website is an attempt to continue a legacy of living history while preserving images, stories, and ephemera from the individuals whose lives were touched by Camp Forrest. This page began as a labor of love for one man who sought to bring the story of this facility to the public. However, a project such as Camp Forrest is more than just one person; it is the culmination of many people together behind a common interest.  The goal is to keep the website as current as possible while making it engaging to those visitors.

The sole purpose of this website is for those that who remember and still live; for those sons, daughters and friends whose parents, grandparents, friends and relatives who may have long since passed away.  This website is for those who came through this camp, whether being interned during the war or as a part of the military training on their way to the war.

This site is dedicated not only to the thousands of this country's military men and women who trained at Camp Forrest, but also to the German prisoners who were interned at the camp. If you have any contributions in the way of articles, photographs, art work and the like please feel free to contact us.  I believe that there are many people out there who are trying to make contact with the history and endearments of those who were a part of Camp Forrest.

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